Steam has released a list of the best 2022 games: the most popular, best-selling and others


Steam mixed the results of 2022, releasing the results of the games that performed well in various categories. In Steam, the tops are 100, and the first 12 are platinum winners. Only games released between January and December 1822 participate in the TOPs. Games in the tops are not distributed in the place they are listed in order to prevent any harm.

The best games released in 2022 made most money on Steam for the two weeks after release.

War: War: War, III, RisingLego Star Wars: The Skywalker SagaCall of Duty: Modern War, IIDying Light 2 Stay HumanWarhammer 40,000: Dark Age Elden RingMonster Hunter: RiseYu-Gi-Oh! Special DuelStrayLost SheetFIFA – Master Master DuelStrayLost Sheets.

The biggest players in 2022 are the games that generated the biggest revenue for the year:

The battlegrounds-The LegendsNaraka: BladepointDying Light 2 Stay HumanCall of Duty: Modern Warfare IICounter-Strike: Global OffensiveDota 2Yu-Gi-Oh! Master DuelMonster Hunter: RiseLost ArkDestiny 2.

I’ll get lost again! Master DuelDota 2Apex LegendsCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveCall of Duty: Modern Warfare IIARK: Survival revolved.

The Best Games of 2022, and the best Games of the year: The Best of Early Access.

PowerWash SimulatorFoxholeDread HungerGroundedRogue Legacy 2Vampire SurvivorsPolice Simulator: Patrol OfficersTemtemTeardownMount& Blade II: BannerlordWorld War 3RaftEarthcraftDread HungerSpiritHroundRogue Legacy 2Vampire SurvivorsRaftrigerrialism and Regeneration of the PowerWash.

Most played at Steam Deck in 2022 were selected based on the number of hours spent on Steam Deck.

The Vampire SurvivorsPersona 5: The Thrilles from the War era. The Thrilles of the World, the Queen -The Queens.

You can watch the TOP on Steam.


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