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Step 5: Getting to Zephyr in a high life – the same thing!

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Want to learn the art of Zephyr in High on Life?

Greatness, an excellent environment and unique world awaits you in a trip to the G3 Cartel. Zephyrs Paradise is one of the many places you will explore during this game.

This is the second world that you’ll unlock in High on Life, where you will be tasked to take down certain G3s operatives.

However, the game will not move you by means of Zephyr Paradise.

If you’re looking to reach this area of the game, you’ve probably earned a sword and you’ve got a secondary weapon in your arsenal.

The guide goes on with you, so you know how to go to Zephyr in High Availability.

Let’s take it right away.

He reached the Paradise of Zephyr.

In Life in the sky the only way to explore otherworlds is to complete everything that teaches you. In addition, you can explore this area when you are off duty, thus you will be able to unlock hidden areas and collect valuable items.

To do this, just tell the bounty machine in your living room. Instead of heading up the window to the bounty, choose the second tab.

In the second tab you will find a few things possible for you: Nova Sanctus, Port Terrene, unknown Sector and Zephyr Paradise. Since this guide is about finding Zephyr, you should go to Zephyr Paradise and they should be teleported to it.

While you’re in Zephyr Paradise, you can call three different locations, Deep Jungle, Upper Valley and Jungle Clearing.

For example, if you visit the other half of the story, head back to earlier places to collect points and items makes it easier to collect what is used to the title based on the earlier points.

Luglox Boxes are located in Zephyr.

In total, 66 Luglox boxes are in Zephyr Paradise. Since the area is a dense, confusing jungle split into two subregions, Luglox boxes in Zephyr are harder to find.

The Deep Jungle contains 34 Luglox cases, the upper valley has 32 Luglox, and the Skrendle Labs have 28 Luglox cases.

This is the only region where all of these regions are based, and discovering them will make it easier for you to locate each Luglox in Zephyr Paradise.

The Third Clontosk Machine is sold for $1.50.

Since we have discussed the Bounty Machine, there’s a third option but it’s not possible. As far as it is concerned, some other game is going to begin, but Squanch Games promised some DLCs to play High On Life, which could be connected to the third game on the Bounty Machine.

In addition, it might be better if the bounty machine was built like it has been used for a long time.

You must know what to get to Zephyr island in life.

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