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Step by Step: A Lost Artist is taking the Switch before the Final Day of the Year

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The Indie developer and publisher Flamebait Games will be bringing Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist over to Nintendo Switch this year. The game was released for Steam in April of April; a sequel to the artistic title gives players an opportunity to create different paintings in a city full of puppets. Since they had announced that the game was coming on the Switch, they did not give a release date, and it would be free before the end of the year. Until then, enjoy the trailer!

Credit: Flamefight games.

“Explore and sell art on the go with your handy slip-on.” Explore the enchanting puppet city, meet the residents, and see what makes them tick. Help them out with a commission, like creating a new ad for Steve’s restaurant! Take a taxi to a place to work from home or maybe even some other place in the old days? Use hard-earned cash to eat in the art store. Perhaps one of the many new tools will satisfy your eye. The crayon that they have just bought in stock looks very cute! Or perhaps that heart-shaped canvas? You require every opportunity you can get to stand out from an artist. The residents of Phenix might also carry some cool items they could give you, if you help them out of class. Revive your art career and take on the challenge of the Masters Museum in the art-hungry city of Phenix! You were Passpartout, once a famous artist, whose glory was lost after a mysterious disappearance. With your landlord putting him on the street, it’s time to take your brush and show your true talent to the world.

  • Easy animation, for a chilling time learning from the world.
  • Drawing your own art is a simple, fun art.
  • Selling your work through the street or in your studio.
  • Doing commissions for a town town like Phenix!
  • Nintendo Switch is easy from the point-and-click gameplay.
  • Use the Joy-Con Gyro brush to paint and play.
  • Paint the touch-screen with your fingers or with the Nintendo Switch.
  • You can play or paint with the familiar stick controls!

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