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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy’s Origin received FF2-based Different Future DLC, gave a gun to Jack

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Spoiler warning, Square Enix released a new teaser trailer for another horror story, Final Fantasy. The teaser shows Jack having to go to the other timeline to look after an imaginary wolf, and the ending of the tease hinting on the connection with Final Fantasy II. The DLC will include new missions, classes, and weapons for Jack, including a weapon. The DLC is described as a journey ending and will take place on February 27, 2023.

In the previous two games, Different Future appears to have occurred in the first half of the game, where Jack embraced his role as Chaos, and became the main villain of Garland’s Final Fantasy. The teaser begins with a Moogle, a classic Final Fantasy creature that didn’t appear at the first Final Fantasy game. The Moogle informs Jack about a Lufenia from a different time and fails to destroy Jack’s world. The light that can be thrown into the shadow of the XIX century is used to tamper with the darkness.

The trailer features new areas that Jack can explore, while highlighting the new weapons coming in. The final fantasy franchise is not unlike medieval adolence, a tycophony is a play that emulates the movie with a futuristic weapon on the enemy. New enemy variants appear in the trailer, with Jack using his trademark brutality and shattering to finish them off.

The Different Future DLC looks like an inter-flight with Final Fantasy II. The font for the Different Future is the same style as the original Final Fantasy II cover art. The teaser ends with Jack and his friends being confronted by a mysterious person floating over them. The trailer just shows the mysteriously seated person. However, the masculine voice and black high heels reveal that the person is The Emperor, the main antagonist for Final Fantasy II. Jack can start his journey in the first Final Fantasy and then proceed to the next sequel.

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