Summoning spirits in a Genshin Impact cosplay containing spirits from Shenhes


With the benefit of Amazon Prime Gaming, you can earn more rewards for Genshin Impact, an indispensable loot for a long-standing adventure in Teyvat. Before returning to the Hoyoverse, players stop in the Liyue to meet a beautiful Shenhe.

Each new feature of Genshin Impact mirrors the introduction of new characters to the title. The most loved of the deceased remains shenheath due to its glacial charm and its occult past.

Shenhe is a disciple of the Adepts, who grew in isolation in the mountains of Liyue. It is cold and remote like the group she grew up with due to her background. She pounces on the curse of the war, and calamity is so terrible that it harms the people who surround her. As an exorcist, driving away evil spirits is his principal mission. Though she can’t overcome it, she can’t give up her inner demons. The Adepts persuaded her to gird her soul with red cords.

In this video “The Gothy,” he tells us the effects of the Yuyues-based movement. The sky is surrounded by spirits. With a smile to the horizon, and her spear in her arms, he wears her most classic black and white outfit. The creator of the show is Angelina Chernyak.


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