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Super Mario Bros. Wonder Walmart has Pre-order Bonus Revealed

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Free Super Mario Bros. Goodies!

Everyone’s excited for the arrival of the first Mario title Super Mario Bros. Wonder on October 20th. They include the retail company that and they have revealed their exciting pre-order goodies. That latest one is made in a store in the United States. Their bonus looks quite awesome, since it’s a big deal for me.

Those who pre-order the game on Amazon or on Amazon for $69.99, get free a free tradecard. Ah well, you’re the right one! Moreover, each pack will include ten card types randomly pulled from 15 base cards, 4 card types and a limited-edition holofoil. The exciting thing is that the limited edition holofoil could possibly be an elephant-brainer named “Maria” with 1 to 1000 feet. Check out the official Facebook announcement here.

That isn’t all. If you’re Canadian, you’ll receive an awesome pop-out magnet set when you preorder this game for $79.96. Visit this link to check out the official announcement by Walmart Canada Gaming.

We’re sure this title will hit everyone’s attention. And it delivers a fun, challenging platformer, with so many new features and a fascinating narrative.

What do you want? Pre-order this amazing Nintendo Switch game and get your hands on the awesome bonuses now.


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