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Supermicro X13SWA-TF Motherboard for Intel Sapphire Rapids-WS Processors

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In the near future, Intel will release the newest Core processors, but also a new platform for workstations. It is going to include a variety of ARMs, including the AMD SATA and AMD CPUs. Photos of one of these boards made by Supermicro are available for download now.

Supermicro X13SWA-TF is an E-ATX solution. She is ready to take on a 150-watt Intel processor with at least 56 cores. The board equipment includes 16 slots with DDR5 RAM modules, (8-channel mode, 80% effective frequency up to 4800 MHz), six PCI Express 5.0 x 16 expansion slots, 8 SATA 6 Gb/s ports, four M2. Among other things, we can find a 10-gigabit network interface and a subsystem for audio, built on the Realtek ALC888S chip.

The official announcement of Intel Sapphire Rapids-WS processors will take place at the end of winter. Those items will be included in the Xeon W-2400 and Xeon W-3400 lines. There must be a fair start of production approximately in March-April.

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