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Surface Pro 7 gets loading improvements and fixes for Surface logo stuck on boot

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Microsoft has new firmware for those who own 7th generation Surface Pro tablets. The September 2023 update improves charging performance and fixes a bug with the Surface logo stuck at boot. It also contains security patches to keep your Surface Pro safe.

Note: This update does not apply to Surface Pro 7+ and Surface Pro 7+ LTE. These are different models with different hardware and separate firmware updates.

What’s new in the September 2023 Surface Pro 7 firmware update?

  • Handles security vulnerabilities and improves system stability and performance.

  • Improves device charging performance and stability.

  • Fixes a device booting issue for Surface.

Here is the list of new drivers:

Name Windows Update Windows Device Manager
surface – system – Surface radio monitor – system devices
Surface – Firmware – 14.701.139.0 Surface system aggregator – firmware
Surface system aggregator – firmware Surface system aggregator – firmware

Here is more information about the release:

Supported configurations Surface Pro 7
Windows versions are supported Windows 10 version 21H2 or later
Windows 11 version 21H2 or later
How to get the update windows update
Field support site
Size update 663.8 MB for Windows 10
663.9 MB for Windows 11
Additional steps We recommend restarting your Surface to complete the rest of the setup. To restart the device, select Start, and then select Power > Restart. If you still feel like your Surface isn’t working properly, visit Our help page for Surface devicesChoose how you’d like to get support, enter what you need help with, then follow the help or recommended articles.
known problems The update contains no known issues.

The seventh-generation Surface Pro, the last Surface tablet with the old design, will remain supported until February 28, 2024. After that, Microsoft will stop releasing firmware updates and security patches. However, it’s worth noting that firmware updates are separate from Windows updates, which means your Surface Pro 7 will continue to receive Windows 10 and 11 updates as long as those operating systems are supported.

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