Switch 2, GTA VI, FF XVI: what players must expect in 2023 on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox, Switch, and other consoles


Game news Switch 2, GTA VI, FF XVI: What should players expect in 2023 on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox series?

Published on 12/31/2022 at 18:00.

Before ending that year 2022, as a high amount as release and postponement, we wanted to celebrate New Year Eve by looking at the unexpected news. As we saw every year, we looked at the rarely heard rumors and shook our tongue to determine where the wind could be passing around in 2023.


Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft: new console announcementsThe machines have been operating great gamesStudio takeoversGame Pass and PlayStation Plus will continue to evolve.

Sony, Nintendo: announcement of new consoles.

If you follow us regularly, you know that rumors of new hardware or revisions of consoles which we already have punctuated this site. We had long thought that the Switch Pro was under study, using a very serious Bloomberg article. According to John Linneman of Digital Foundry, a revision of the Switch was indeed planned, but the project would have been completed to make it possible for the developer to create a new Nintendo console. It would be surprising with the success of a switch being uneasy, but the Japanese giant would change its formula drastically, that is why the name of Switch 2 is already circulating on the Internet. The insider Tom Henderson, a source of a lot of leaks, is totally convinced. In 2023, the Switch will turn six, and the success of Steam Deck could convince Nintendo to introduce a new console in the next few months.

The rumor of the review of the PlayStation 5 was circulated at Sony. The new machine will be equipped with a removable disk drive, and it will be able to reduce the cost of processing and shipping the new machine and other production costs of the current hardware. The famous Keystone project on the Microsoft side is on everyone’s lips. This small console designed to connect to screens to deliver cloud gaming has been cited by the gaming boss at Microsoft. If the white box hasn’t been marketed yet because of a history of so high prices, it’s just a huge idea to go completely hidden. The Redmond firm had the same goal for many days: its objective is to make a more important contribution to its ecosystem.

Big games in our machines.

If new postponements happen in time, the new year will be rich in major release. Whether you are having fun on the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 5, Xbox X|S or PC, that’ll be a heavy game. Forza Motorsport, The Legend of Zelda: My Journey, The Legacy of a war, The Legacy of a war, Diablo IV, Final Fantasy XVI, Street Fighter 6, Jedi, Survivor, Baldurs Gate III, Redfall, Starfield, Alan Wake II, Pikmin 4, Forza Motorsport, STALKER 2: The Heart of a war, Dead Space 2023, Resident Evil 4 (2023), Silent Hill 2 (2023). On the side of a game that’s too short for us, we’ll be happy to discover REPLACED, The Last Case of Benedict Fox or Hollow Knight: Silksong. In the literature 2023 promises to be a fun 2023 night in various genres. The impatience spurring we already.

Takeovers of studios.

In the process of buying Bethesda and planning on getting Activision Blizzard, Microsoft was immediately able to build an videogame empire. Compared to other GAFAs, such as Google and Amazon, the group seems to be in better position. Despite being so aggressive in its takeover strategy, the Satya Nadella company is surely accelerating market consolidation and precipitating the creation of competing blocs. As NetEase and Tencent continue to buy studios and buy their stake in other companies, Sony has also used 2022 to do some shopping with the acquisition of Bungie, Savage Game Studios and Haven.

major publishers and manufacturers won’t stop there and continue to invest in talent such as Embracer, who secured the services of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos-Montreal. Many publishers and independent studios are still available on the market, and Microsoft/Activision has proved that big-scale agreements could strike whenever the matter is over. Could Sony and Square-Enix aunified form by multiplying successful partnerships? In the same vein, all eyes are necessarily on Asobo on Microsoft’s side. The people of Bordeaux have been long-term relations with the American giant. They helped develop first-party games, participated in the Hololens project when everything was top secret, developed a very powerful Flight Simulator and released an Impairable Requiem as part of the Games Pass. We will probably be surprised by the new mergers in 2023.

As for the case Issuing Blizzard King, it could be the same deal this year, even if it aren’t possible to compromise with the main regulators to determine the final deadline (initially set for June 2023).

Game Pass and PlayStation Plus will continue to expand.

During almost all of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox One generation, the behemoths rarely grew to come from public domain. A lack of money by Sony to highlight the console where Microsoft has taken the service route to multiply entry points has even suggested that the two competitors weren’t aiming at the same target anymore. However, the desire to buy a popular publisher (Bethesda, Activision) to feed its game pass has strained relations. Most recent months, we’ve returned to the murderous declarations of the parties.

What is certain is that by joining PS Now and PlayStation Plus, Sony didn’t want to let Microsoft do what it wanted by subscriptions giving access to a catalog of games. Game Pass and PlayStation Plus will both evolve. The first would need to offer a family offer within a few days; the second could see some of its features being refined, such as that you can play the latest AAA movies. As far as prices are concerned, it is important that prices remain fixed or if prices continue to increase in 2023. The two giants will go to war on services, according to all signs.

News on new titles with much anticipated titles.

It could become the year to finally learn some more about the projects we haven’t heard of for a long time. We are obviously thinking of the Metroid Prime at Nintendo, but also of Senuas Saga: Hellblade II, Fable, Dark Eyes, and Everwild in general. Kojima fans should learn more about Death Stranding 2, but also about the secret project developed with Xbox. After the huge leak with the new news of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar could decide to show its production in 2023. Why should we wait 2023? Because of the document from Microsoft, the long-awaited new movie of Grand Theft Auto is due in 2024. So that could suggest a fact a year earlier. In the Konami-side, we are able to expect news from certain flagship licensings because the producer of Japan’s new production, Noriaki Okamura, has promised the release of a lot of new games for 2023, with the long-awaited one already. Finally, Fumito Ueda, the ICO, The Last Guardian, could announce his new project soon.

Now that we had the opportunity to remember the rumors and predictions of 2023 that have us excited, we decided to prepare 2022 for good. But wish you a new year, good times, of course, a good game.

Besides the Xbox 5 release, please don’t forget this.


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