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T-Minus Zero Entertainment is the new studio of NetEase with veterans from Bethesda and Bioware

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NetEase Games announced the opening of a new development studio called T-Minus Zero Entertainment (based in Austin, Texas) that will be led by Rich Vogel and will include on staff industry veterans from Bioware, Bethesda and Sony Online Entertainment.

The studio has already begun working on its first ambitious project, which will be a multiplayer game set in a fbi universe.

The veteran team of T-Minus Zero Entertainment got the job.

Rich Vogel is a great developer who’s led the development of several game titles, including Star Wars: The Old Republic and Ultima Online. He has also created successful studios like Bethesda Games, Austin, Bioware, and Sony Online Entertainment.

In addition to the veterans who are in the studio, we find game director Mark Tucker, who was the design director of Fallout 76 and the lead designer of Doom and Crimson Alliance; art director Jeff Dobson, who worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic, Dragon Age Inquisition, Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem; vice president Scott Malone, who worked on Fallout 76, Doom and the Elder Scroll Online.

Tel the way that we said earlier, the location of T-Minus Zero Entertainment was in Austin. The studio only uses “nothing as a distraction”. Numerous jobs have been announced on the official website.

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