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Take a new poster with the depths of the Infinity Pool!

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Does the swimming pool not swim well? That’s exactly what the newly released horror film poster suggests.

The design of this poster is almost psychedelic: the masked faces get wrapped in a dark dark shadow. It would be better if this circle is being a drain or void formless and sucked into non-existence. In fact, the faces can also be translated into words like “blue” and “gushy”. This combines with the definition of a affinity pool in which water runs over one or more edges, and gives the impression that the surface of the water has no boundary. Pools like that can be seen in luxury hotels and resorts.

Infinity Pool is set in a village where couples are outside in a cruel and hedonistic culture. But a fatal accident leaves the couple with a choice: either they are executed or, if they pay money, they can see their death. Perhaps this film is a cautionary tale, showing what happens when you step far in the unknown, and what’s the opposite.

Infinity Pool is expected to hit theaters on the 27th Jan.

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