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Teardown opened the entire gallery of new art Vandals

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The group, which introduced this new expansion to Teardown, will help players find new ways to get back to people in Art Vandals. This time around, you will have all of the tools you have and what you can now remove from this heist. Here, we got the latest trailer, and you can see what needs to be done to make that artist’s life a waking nightmare of the most artistic proportions.

Credit: Saber Interactive.

“In Art Vandals, players take on the role of Freya Woo, the daughter of Gordon Woo, who is in the original Teardown campaign. You’ll visit the village of Tillaggaryd with a modern art exhibition and explore a modern gallery with new missions, on which it’s intended to revenge the artist Kerstin Straback. Keep your awards float, or destroy what you need, using powerful new tools like the zillion. Art Vandalsis available on the new Expansions section of the Play menu, as well as in-game mods to help bring players toTeardown’s powerful modding systems. Anyone can start Art Vandals without playing the original story. However, he has a few kilos under his belt.

“Plan the perfect heist with physics in the fully destructible, voxel-simulated world of Teardown! Run, jump, drive and slingshot in a full-story campaign featuring 40 missions, test your skills in experimental challenges, create unlimited-time simulations in Sandbox mode, and discover unique designs from the community with Steam Workshop mod support. You don’t get caught just because you’re not caught.”


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