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Teased out of Zenless Zone Zero 141 Convenience Store

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HoYoVerse shared some new Zenless Zone Zero art. This time a 141 Convenience Store has been featured in the show now that it’ll be available at its present location! The announcement noted that it is a place with rabbit-like Bangboos. However, the photograph shows a person in fact as well.

All the images feature text and stats. For example, the first suggested three items you could find at a shop. It noted that Ether Cola, Rainbow Rabbi and Rocket Popping Candy will be available. These have come from the internet. Another picture shows how the characters work there, noting that there’s a vendey out front. Here is this store in The Sixth Street area; it will be available as well! The last image shows somebody buying from the three Bangboos hanging outside and then again showing a Rainbow Rabbi’n.

New Eridu Urban Discoveries | Don’t miss This Good Place!141 belonged to a chain but for the faint of heart you can not see at any store that has employees outside every day. This one has three and it’s hard not to be drawn by them.#zzzero pic twitter/BCl7Hqq1DxiQ3: this one is with 3 numbers, so that they must have multiple cards.

Zenless Zone Zero (@Zzoom_EN) October 19, 2023

While we didn’t see the 141 convenience store in some other ZenlessZone footage, several shops have been working recently. The gamescom 2023 showcase showed different places players may visit. One of these is the Godfinger arcade. There are two more Bardic Needles and 404 errors. The restaurant General Chops had a lot of time. That’s a place you can go to order food that will boost your taste in-baste.

Zone Zero is currently available on the PC, mobile devices and consoles. There’s no release window for the game yet.

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