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Tekken: a cosplay of Jin Kazama contests Mishima lineage

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Since Capcom already made its debut with Street Fighter 6 or that plan a bit to do so, as did NetherRealm and Mortal Kombat 1, Bandai Namco, he preferred to focus on the future of one of the most loved fighting games in all time and then in a small step.

Tekken 8 promises to make the saga more brutal and brutal, which nevertheless has to sacrifice for pure technique. Bandai Namcos goal is to introduce the Iron Fist Tournament into the new generation with a revolutionary combat system and breathtaking graphics powered by Unreal Engine 5. In contrast to direct competition, the release looks like destined for the first months of 2024, with a clear delay.

In our tsc test, all the games on the computer are evident, but the online multiplayer sector is still a little too much behind the rest. The Tekken 8 roster includes historical protagonists of the saga, such as Jin Kazama. This isn’t in the usual rendition by the cosplayer, Taryn.

In this cosplay Jin Kazama and Tekken 8 we saw Kazuyas son and Heiachis nephew renew his promise to combat the cursed blood that flows in his veins by ending the Mishima line.

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