Telegram’s latest 2022 update adds new drawing tools, much-improved profile pictures, and more


Illustration showing the new changes in the Telegram December 2022 update

The year 2022 is almost over, and the folks at Telegram have a special way to celebrate the end of the year that millions of people won’t miss. The messenger received another major feature update with a traditionally large and impressive number of new capabilities and improvements. Telegram’s latest 2022 update adds hidden media, zero storage usage, new drawing tools, improvements to profile pictures, better privacy tools, and more.

Media blurring. A year ago, Telegram introduced text spoilers that allow text to be obscured in messages. The same feature is now available for media, allowing users to blur photos and videos with a shimmery layer that requires tapping to “break the spell.”

GIF showing how to blur media in Telegram

Using zero storage. With the latest update, Telegram offers customers much more robust and detailed control over storage usage. Users can add separate auto-removal settings for different types of Telegram storage, such as media from private chats, groups, and channels. Besides, you can set exceptions for specific calls.

On top of that, Telegram now features a detailed storage pie chart to help visualize what’s taking up space and how much.

GIF showing how to manage storage usage in Telegram

New drawing and text tools. Built-in drawing tools now include line smoothing with dynamic width that depends on drawing speed. Also, you blur parts of the image to protect sensitive data when sending images or screenshots.

Another notable change is the ability to choose background, font and size when adding text to images. Besides, you can add animated emoji to photos, and they will be visible to all Telegram users, not just premium subscribers.

GIF showing how to edit photos in Telegram

Set profile pictures for contacts. You can now add your own photos to your contacts, visible only to you. However, Telegram allows you to suggest a profile picture to a specific contact, which is a handy tool when you have a nice picture of a person without a profile picture.

New privacy settings for profile pictures. Telegram allows you to hide your profile pictures from selected users (or from all). With the latest update, the feature gets even more options, allowing you to choose a public photo separate from the one visible to your contacts or select customers only.

Hiding group members. Admins of groups with more than 100 members can disable the member list, preventing people from getting access to people who don’t send messages. Only administrators will see the list of people in the group when the setting is enabled.

More. Telegram’s latest release adds new Android animations, several sets of animated emojis, and more interactive emojis that play crazy animations when you tap them.

You can find links to download Telegram on your device on Telegram’s official website. Full release notes are available In the official blog post.


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