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Tesla extended for the last two days of last year’s savings on Model S and Model X

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Since Tesla started offering a 3-750-7000 rebate to Model Y purchasers last month, its motives were obvious. Using a multiyear US EV grant, many customers had to delay their purchase of cars until January, and Tesla wanted to rush them. Now it turned out that both the older Model S and the older Model X in the USA last two days of last year were sold at a discount of $7500.

Source: Tesla.

As a result of the Electrek explanation, in the US, both electric vehicles aren’t eligible for the subsidy because they’re not within the target price range. According to the study, Tesla could only bring down demand for them because of the general decline in interest of the purchasers and the desire to close the quarter with the number of cars sold. In the next days, the statistics for the fourth quarter will be published. Taking into account the fact that it managed to increase the volume of deliveries to a new record value, it will be apparent that the company will be able to increase the volume of the new production volume.

As far as the source says, Tesla tyres and Model X buyers in the United States could only get free charging at the branded stations in six miles. A direct discount on these incentives, even for a limited period, could help suggest that Tesla has some problems with the sale of products at least in the US market, which is still still a very important business.

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