Tesla’s new car became the most popular among us, a year ago, by November end of November


In September of the next year, the Tesla Model Y e-tailored crossover has already become the best-seller in Europe, even despite the fact that there were statistics on the sales of cars with combustion engines on the market. October problems with the assembly of electric vehicles in Shanghai kept it from maintaining its leadership, but in November the status was restored, and the Model Y crossover became the most popular car in the market.

Image Source: Tesla.

According to Automotive News Europe, Tesla could sell 19 144 Model Y units in November, more than three times more than it sold a year earlier. In October, this car didn’t make it into the 50 most popular cars in Europe; it finally achieved the fastest point of the year for the second time in a year.

Since the new Tesla plant in Berlin has recently launched a weekly production of 3000 crossovers, the company will largely be able to meet the local needs of the market, although the company still supplies Chinese-assembled electric vehicles for sale in Europe, and now its performance exceeds the needs of the neighbouring countries for Tesla electric vehicles.

In December, 5,000 electric vehicles Model Y were sold by all, so the crossover will most likely remain the most popular in the region. Elon Musk said that this electric car will become the world’s most popular one. Soon after the introduction of the Tesla Model Y in America, the electric car launched on the market. The volume of the company’s productions will soon reach 100,000 pieces per month, the company announced. If America’s centers focus on the release of cheaper Tesla Model Y trim levels, then the crossover will have the best chance to meet Elon Musks hopes.

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