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That expert tested GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER on eight AAA games in 1080p and 2K surprisingly well in 2023

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At once, a test was carried out in 1080 and 2K resolutions. Even though it’s older, the RTX 2060 SUPER is still a very valuable 3D accelerator. You can’t rush to replace it.

Here’s what that card is capable of with the Intel Core i5-12400F processor at 1080p.

Cyberpunk 2077 on high settings 73 fps. This is the final in Part I at high speed 64 fps. Spider-Man on high speed 105 fps. With medium settings, the london may be 60 fps. Hogwarts Legacy on high setting 67 fps. Witcher 3 aims to achieve better 104 fps. Red Dead Redemption 2 on high-pressure 85 fps. Call of Duty MW2, at high performance 92 fps.

RTX 2060 SUPER is better for 2K, as well.

Cyberpunk 2077 on low settings, 64 fps. The last of us on low settings 61 fps. Spider-Man on high-pressure 83 fps. Boost up the flame of your skin. Hogwarts Legacy with medium settings 65 fps. The Witcher 3 is with 67 fps in high settings. Red Dead Redemption 2 with medium settings of 72 fps. Call of Duty MW2 with medium settings 66 fps.

Conclusion RTX 2060 SUPER is still very good.

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