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That’s what we should be doing in the second season of the show

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Ahead of a movie called The Last of Us debut in the series HBO (on Germany’s Sky and WOW), Naughty Dogs journalist Neil Druckmann spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about his time on the series of the movie. As we know, the story of Season 1 will revolve around first game from 2013. Despite this, Druckmann was asked whether a second season would, or whether it would, continue in the future.

Well of Us Part 1 = Staffel 2.

HBO hasn’t yet commissioned a renewal of The Last of Us. That also should probably depend on the success of the series. However, Neil Druckmann indicates a second season would be meant to deal with The Last of Us parts 2 of the final part of the third. We don’t plan to tell a story that doesn’t appear to be an adaptation of this game. We don’t like it after a long time. It’s not for the end of the whole of games.

The Naughty Dog series is already already open about what that would mean for Season 2 of The Last of Us. New characters will fill important roles in the series. It includes Abby, who is, as well as Ellie and Joel, among the main characters in the Second part. The film aired at the time that the sequel was released, the players were very much concerned. While he wasn’t worried about all that, no change should be expected here.

It is popular even with PC game readers.

The End of Us series’ objective is to be the best and most authentic video game adaptation of the day.

Neil Druckmann speaks of the best and true video game adaptation.

Last of Us: A voice-wright Ellies takes a huge role in this series.

Ashley Johnson is the vocal voice of Ellie in The Last of Us. She will play a large role in the TV series, however.

Season 1 starts early.

Just a few more days to wait for The Last of Us to open, with Javier Pascal and Beniba Ramsey playing on Joel and Ellie. Episode 2 will be available in Germany from 15 until 16 March on Sky and WOW. And you definitely should bring some time with you. The episode will be 85 minutes long according to HBO. The full season of The Last of Us is nine episodes.

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