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The 3 piece tall Buddha Tadpole, is a sculptural work of art

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Have you wondered what Baldurs Gate 3s tadpoles would look like in the flesh? That talent will surely amaze you.

The first baldurs gate is an horrifying sequence in which a Mind Flayer tadpole is inserted in your eyeball and crawls into the skull. It’s disturbing to say the least. However, artist and writer Holly Conrad was able to put this monstrous micro-entity into reality.

Okay, she wasn’t around putting the things in peoples eyes (as far as we know), but she’d created a genuinely disturbing Mind Flayer tadpole, complete with teeth. We can not say if it’s resin or rubber, but it’s pretty slimy.

She’s making it clear to others that it’s technically true. But it undersells the confidence of this thing. She has made a magnet so that the creature can be suspended in the jar, so we have to wonder whether there is still a way to do this right away.

I had fun pic.twitter.com/6bYi5XHMHJ.

Holly (@HollyConrad) August 18-2023

In her work, the architect Larian Studios described the tadpole as remarkably detailed. The difference is that the whole thing is groggy and obnoxious. They aren’t wrong. We hope Larian and Conrad can work out some sort of collaboration. We would absolutely pay real money for this expensive shelf-warmer.

Those tadpoles are still available, but you can check out Conrads etsy store, WeCrowingHens in here, run by graphic novelist Kayla Cline.

And if you haven’t played Baldurs Gate yet? It’s never too late to tell your boss that you’re taking a week off.

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