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The 4 TB version of the Samsung 990 Pro drive will go on sale in October, and a price tag is $345

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Samsung previously announced that it will expand its popular Samsung 990 Pro PCIe 4.0 portable VCR-compatible drives with a 4TB model. The company announced that when the drive is going to go on sale, and how much it will cost.

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Samsung 990 Pro 4TB will be available as an SSD without a cooling system (model MZ-V9P4T0BW), as well as in a version with an aluminum backlit cooling radiator (model MZ-V9P4T0CW). The 990 series drives are made up of the proprietary Samsung Pascal memory controller that uses 8nm process technology, and also a 3-D idling flash memory chips.

The new 4-TB model will give the same sequential read and write speeds as the 2TB model 740 and 6900 MB/s respectively. The reading flow of the new product is up to 1,6 million, while random write to 1,55 million. The solid-state drive will receive 4 GB LPDDR4 cache memory, and a rewrite resource of 2400 TBW (terabytes of overwritten information).

The company added that the use of eightth generation NAND flash memory chips with a high density of 1 tbit enabled them to be located on the Samsung 990 Pro 4 TB drive, not on two, but on one side. The new product is not bad for the same laptops so it can be used in the same manner without resentment.

The 4TB Samsung 990 Pro is going on sale in October. For the official store of the company, the new product sells at $344.99, while for the general public. Several variants with a cooling radiator are also available for sale. Its recommended price is 354.99.

The manufacturer announced that it was to develop a new version of the Samsung Magician software, which is capable of keeping track of the situation and management of the SSDs. The new version of that application will be available in September. The company didn’t say a thing about Magician 8.0.

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