The 56 games are already under consideration in the Game Pass in 2023


The Game Pass subscription was replenished in 2022 with 220 games, and it was removed from it. Today, Xbox and PC have over 400 games for Game Pass subscribers. Many large AAA projects are available, from both internal Xbox studios and from partners.

In 2023, the Game Pass subscription will also be replenished with dozens of games. We know about 56 new projects coming to the gaming service in 2023 immediately after the release of large AAA projects by well-known studios and small games: the big projects containing large projects that will be added to the gaming service in 2023.

FlockForza RacingGoldenEye 007Guilty Gear StriveHollow Knight: SilksongHomestead ArcanaHumankind (Xbox)Infinite GuitarsLies of PLightyear FrontierMad StreetsMaquetteMaraudersMinecraft LegendsParty AnimalsPigeon SimulatorPlanet of Lanaol.


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