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The 5G modem on the iPhone 15 Pro was a 28-4% faster than its predecessor

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iPhone 15 Pro was faster compared to its predecessor. This is demonstrated by the SpeedSmart test data compared to its recent iPhone 14 Pro. Apples new generation smartphone has accelerated the network connects by up to 24 % over the cellular network.

The first photo is accessed from speedsmart.net.

Among the largest US providers, Verizon showed the highest speed in connection speeds: the average download speed of the iPhone 14 Pro was 195.83 Mbps, while the iPhone 15 Pro is 243.06 Mbps. The highest absolute value was recorded in the T-Mobile network 300.92 Mbit/s, and the most modest results were used by the AT&T network 204.34 Mbit/s. The operators did only a slight increase in speed on the outgoing channel. The reason for the increase in figures was probably the update modem of the Apple iPhone 15 and the iPhone Max.

The company did not mention which modem on the new iPhones was used in the development of the new models, but according to SpeedSmart, the Pro models got the Qualcomm Snapdragon X70, which says the chipmaker is hoping to achieve unparalleled data transfer speeds and coverage. The modem is equipped with an artificial intelligence subsystem which can improve the quality of communication within 5G. The same modem can be installed on smartphones that are used for the Galaxy S23.

According to unconfirmed reports, Apple has been developing a 5G modem for several years now, but has not succeeded in this field yet: it became known that Qualcomm will continue to supply a modem for the iPhone until 2026.

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