The 5th Birthday Quiz Hololive offers prizes for passinging


It’s time for Hololive fans to test their knowledge. The Parent Company released the official Quiz on the 5th Anniversary of Hololive. Those who make a contribution may win prizes at various times, depending on their prize. The quiz runs until February 22 and 2023, and is accessible on the official website.

This quiz is intended to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Hololive event and will help you think of your favorite artists, and to remember the history of the history of each of the players. There are four different categories of exam which focus on Hololive, Hololive English, Hololive Indonesia, and the Holostars group. All participates to receive limited edition digital rewards.

The Anniversary Quiz from Hololive will save admission, giving it an additional cost. Each category of quiz costs 4500 yen (about 34 USD) to join newcomers. The participants who have used an earlier quiz will only have to pay 3500 yen (about 27 dollars). Once admitted, they can take the quiz and retake them as many times as they want. Timed and includes questions in the categories of the TV show, music and vulturous profiles.

When a person begins to be in the house, the work they desire will be able to study will be the biggest in the field of the study, which has a degree in general from the moment they start their work, through August 2022. For example, the debut of the Tempus Holostars group July 2022 would fall into the scope of the quiz, but the most recent hiatus of Hololive English member Gawr Guras wouldn’t do. A score of 70 or more is considered passing. Parents who pass the perfect score win a raffle for a special celebration voice with their faves congratulating them and addressing them by name.

One can take a quiz with the prizes: 1) I don’t get a quiz with the main player.

  • A digital student ID for the University of BH/HS.
  • Quiz-exclusive wallpaper is available.
  • Fave Icon, of Quiz-exclusive value, is displayed on this website.
  • Twitter has its own ten-year-old wife’s own name from the Quiz-exclusive company.
  • A fake fake talent poster.
  • Copy of the completed certificate.
  • There is an exclusive logo with Quiz-exclusive Fave profile icon.
  • Twitter headers are only non-exclusive of Quiz.

The “Hollolive 5th Anniversary Quiz” promotion runs from March 22 to 2023.


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