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The app is only $25 now for simple productivity

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There is no sense in making radical changes to who you are when a new year rolls around, but to be sure that you are able to make some minor improvements. For example, you could definitely wake up better. We offer discounts on Arms Clock Pro, which is a better way to start your morning.

Alarm Clock Pro is nothing more than an alarm clock. You may set it up to have your favourite iTunes songs,movies, streaming URLs and many more to wake you up. Not only that, it’s integral to almost every aspect of your life. You can send emails, remind you of the most important dates and things to do, display notifications, track time differences in your investment portfolio, give a number of timers, and many more.

The Battery Clock Pro charger charges the whole day. You can get 75% off at just 24.49, when the holidays take place by 11:59 o’clock today.

The alarm clock jacks: Lifetime licenses for 29,99 dollars.

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