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The Apple iPhone dialer finally gets the T9 dialer with the latest iOS 18 update

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Apple has introduced a good set of new features for iPhones with the latest version of iOS 18. Although the update is currently in beta, it brings features like improved home screen customization, improved iMessage, updated Control Center and more.

You can even download the iOS 18 wallpapers in both light and dark mode for your iPhone or Android smartphones to customize your home screen setting. Apart from all these features, the iPhone dialer gets one basic smartphone feature, known as T9 dialer support.

T9 is short for “Text on 9 Keys” and is a predictive text technology that was quite famous in the pre-smartphone era. With T9 dialer support, users can simply type in the contact’s name using the number pad, and the dialer will instantly display matching contacts.

T9 uses English words on a numeric keypad by pressing a single key for each letter instead of pressing the numbers multiple times for the correct letters. The software then intelligently predicts the word and displays the result.

Android phones have had this feature since the beginning. For example, if you want to search for “Sam” in your contacts, all you have to do is type “729” into the dialer, and the dialer will display the list of contacts with the word “Sam” in them.

According to a photo shared by journalist Varun Mirchandani on XApple is finally adding T9 dialer support with iOS 18. After installing the iOS 18 update, you can simply type the corresponding numbers into the contact name to make them appear on your dialer.

While Apple users were denied this basic dialing feature for years, there was an alternative method called “Spotlight search.” To use this, users need to swipe down on the lock screen or home screen to access the Spotlight search bar. Here, you need to type a few letters in the contact name and then tap on the specific contact to call them directly.

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