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The Apple is a favorite game in the world

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I know this is a Game of the Week, but let’s say it again with the charm of all, but the Game of the Week is really a matter of time for this week. Maybe some future weeks also, I don’t know. The point is that if you look for something that will test your gamer skillz to the maximum, Grab The Apple from Korigame won’t probably scratch that particular itch, but if you looking for something that will smile while you fiddle with it, then this is your lucky week.

Just like mobile games, they are small games that are cute and very lighthearted while suited to a touchscreen. This is the first one I feel very nostalgic for a few years ago as a kid. Grab The Apple isn’t a waste of this formula, and since I am a toddler and a 4 year old, it is not surprising to me.

The concept is pretty simple. Your character, which includes many different types of characters, is at the bottom of the screen and there’s an apple hiding on every level typical with all kinds of dangers traps and blockades. Drag the screen, in order to extend your seemingly endless arm and negotiate all the danger of having to find a safe path to get that apple. The title suggests as you watch as your arm retracts like a vacuum cord to haul the apple back to you. Its relative touch so you can touch anywhere and the hand mimics your motions, so you don’t block your view. As a rule of thumb said that the arm is not endable so feel free to take off course and come back straight into the area, take some squiggles and eat this fruit. I can assure you it will make a smile with the apple.

That’s part of the reason I mention that this is more of a digital toy, but also because I don’t really know how to fail a level. You may be hit by any problems and it causes your arm to loose and you’ll need to try again. Maybe I have not yet found a fail-at-all point, or maybe there’s just none in there. There are several puzzle-y elements by way of hidden walls and so on, yet I have yet to be mastered by any of the games. Well, that’s fine because I enjoyed the whole experience without being a mere user. But hey, just try it yourself, because it’s a free game with ads and a simple, one-time IAP if you want to delete them – I did it all quick.

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