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The Armored Core 6 uses the same engine that Elden Ring and Sekiro

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The most recent, FromSoftware gave us one of the most notable games of all time, Elden Ring.

The game turned out to be somewhat mystical than Elden Ring, the first thing to note, was that the technological requirements would not be easy to understand. Both games have almost the same system requirements. However, those who expect this game to be completely immersive in the world of ray tracing could be a little disappointed. This feature is not implemented in the garage zone, where players will be asked to customize their mechs with a precise approach. Given the fiery failure Elden Ring experienced while trying to implement the ray tracing game, It seems obvious that FromSoftware might be quite careful this time around.

What kind of game is there without exciting content? At the recently announced release of the Armored Core 6 video game, the interactive details of the game were shown to the fans who enjoyed the show. The fans, which you can read here, are delighted to know about.

Although all of these expectations are met, one discovery is going to be different. The datatainer and the insider have reported this: “Jannie McDonald”

If you were in doubt, I can confirm with 100% certainty that Armored Core 6 is powered by the Elden Ring/Sekiro engine.

The simplest decision to choose the same engine may seem intuitive, but it opens up up an ocean of modding possibilities for the gaming world. Imagine the Elden Ring bosses in the Arkmored Core or vice versa.

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