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The Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana (PS2): Classic-Test (Atelier Iris) (Standards)

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Nippon Ichi is going to be a specialist in traditional pixel art. After the three googly-eye strategy games, Disgaea members can now enjoy stunning graphics. How the other adventures play Atelier Iris in a fair jarrette: Everything revolves around the town of Kavoc, where the hero Klein and his girlfriend are settling in a lurch.

Klein is an alchemist and always finds mana for every form of element that can be used to create exotic objects. He’s selling these to local stores, who then find themselves famous with rare goods.

The rich lower world leads only to a few locations, besides fortress, tower and forest, because the action takes place on site. Nippon Ichi also relys on sane and tried heroes for her career. Of course, others who like to cause all sorts of mischief in the world, with their powers and magical relics. In conclusion, there is a lot in Atelier Iris: With Klein’s leaping abilities and the smashing magic, you’ll discover complicated climb paths and go over the bitmaps that lead you towards the bottom of these two to three screens in spite of the 2D. Now you can think more than the graphic in three dimensions. In addition to intelligence and story, you can complete almost three dozen side quests in Kavoc, where you may catch fish or steal a cowardly thief.

If you look at the locations in the overworld and as you enter the vaults beneath Kavoc, you will find a multitude of monsters to beat, in simple round-robin battles. The combination of group hits and magic provides tactical variety: you must be careful with elements, because you can only deprive flowers and fruits of their individual mana powers in the air. Newcomers have a good understanding of the history of alchemy: extensive tutorials and funny, if they are, humorous, but very, very complex dialogues explain all the limitations of this incredible science.

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