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The Austrian healthcare system is compromised by changes in the SAP policies

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The German-language SAP Customer Group (DSAG) asked the software developer to further support its industry-specific SAP IS-H solution for hospitals and hospitals based on the legacy SAP ECC platform, citing fears about the hospital reporting systems in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

As noted by DSAG, SAP announced only in June of this year that it would allow third parties to develop a successor to IS-H with a licensing agreement with partners such as T-Systems Austria. At the same time, SAP announced it hadn’t said its plans to release the next version of IS-H. Unfortunately, the IS-H replacement is not available for customers who have already migrated or are yet to move on the current S/4HANA platform, DSAG said.

If it is feasible to switch between IS-H and IS-H, ECC users should switch from S/4HANA to S/4HANA before the end of mainstream ECC support in 2027. But it will also be a very difficult time to migrate to a new platform that’s vital to the work of medical organizations. Therefore DSAG encouraged SAP to extend ECC support to such customers at no additional cost. So SAP offers to give this service extended to those of these systems until 2030.

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Walter Schinnerer, board member of DSAG Austria, said that to reduce costs, hospitals and clinics will have to replace IS-H with SAP ERP within three years. Even though the new solution should be available from 2025, it will be difficult for T-Systems Austria and all affected companies to migrate before 2027 to the main IS-H service. Schinnerer noted that this is unrealistic since holding a tender for the development of a successor to the IS-H will take only about two years.

Since SAP changed its company’s strategy, it must offer now some guarantees so that it doesn’t lose the trust of customers. The first step is to provide a more extended service without cost to SAP Patient Management (IS-H), said Schinnerer. According to the DSAG, care for more than 95 % of all patients in Austria depends on this solution. Without the new platform, patient intake, discharge and billing will not be possible, said DSAG.

SAP agreed that third parties could develop directly on S/4HANA and a solution for the hospital industry, but instead called the cloud the preferred method of creating industry-specific software. According to DSAG, users wouldn’t be willing to deploy the new solution in the cloud, due to potential dispute between local governments.

Source: SAP

A spokesperson for SAP told The Register that the software release and maintenance strategy remains unchanged. Healthcare is an important decision-making factor in SAP. We are always in a close relationship with our customers and healthcare partners, so we can also remain more effective even in the insanity of the circumstances. He said that we’ve been able to provide a modular system, based on feedback from our customers and a SAP strategy.

SAP also fulfills its obligations under the SAP Patient Management (IS-H) solution. The product’s design is inspired by SAP Business Suite and therefore has high maintenance, says the salesman. The issue hasn’t yet been reported if SAP will prolong the free support period for IS-H on ECC.

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