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The Authority and James Gunn by Matthew Vaughan. DCs In the Best Hand in these situations!

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Director Matthew Vaughn revealed his thoughts on DCs new direction under James Gunnes and that he had spoken with DC Studios himself.

Vaughn discussed DC on the Happy Sad Podcast. The director noted that he spoke specifically with DC Studios co-founders James Gunn and Peter Safran.

The DC have reached out. Gunn and Peter, we’ve been talking. They are very good! Then James retorches Superman.

When the subject of The Authority a superhero team set to appear in Superman: Legacy emerged, Vaughn was asked whether it was related with them. The director noted that he’s happy making his own stuff, but explained in detail how they trust Gunn to handle DC.

Vaughn said that one cannot tell anyone. Right now, I really like to create my own thing because so many people of political madness cannot keep it out. I think Gunn DC is the best asset that he has had for so long. Let’s see what happens tonight!

You can see the video below that tell you how well he was speaking.

Has Matthew Vaughn made any superhero movie?

Vaughn has been a huge movie director and comic book adaptation, as well. He directed the sequel: Days of Future Past for my next story I wrote. Besides, she directed the hit series Kick-Ase and all three Kingsmen movies. All of them were in comic books as well!

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