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The authors of a new study named first place the best known games of 2023 to Hogwarts Legacy

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A new study shows that the 2023 most anticipated games are the 10 most anticipated, with big names such as the Hogwarts Legacy and Starfield on the list. 2018 was a strong year for video games thanks to iconic releases like Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok, but 2023 promises to be even more significant. A lot of major titles originally scheduled to release in 2022 have been pushed back to next year, making 2023 a very busy year for new releases.

New video games which go out in the first half of 2023 alone will be enough for the next year to be memorable. But remember that there should be even more games in the second half of the year. Some of these games have probably not even been announced yet, so gamers don’t know how to get started in the coming year.

For the best time in 2023, Top10Casinos took a list of the upcoming games compiled by the gamer and then collected the global search data from each game. The games were then ranked for global searches to determine which new games a new 2023 person is most excited to play. The sequel to the Harry Potter novel, which will be available now for download now and then through the movie “Hogwarts Legacy”.

Inquests: 2.34 million searches Starfield 540,000 searches Diablo 4301,000 searches Sons of the Forest 224,000 searches Baldurs Gate 3 206,000 searches Forspoken 192 000 searches The Day before 187,000 searches Blue Protocol 185,000 searches Resident Evil 4 161,000 searches The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom/Ark 2 1564,000 searches.

3rd place was taken by Diablo 4, and 4th place was taken by the survival horror sequel Sons of the Forest. A fifth place went to Baldurs Gate 3, an anticipated third installment in a classic RPG film currently in development at Larian Studios. Square Enixs new game Forspoken became the fifth in the group, and horror film The Day Before became the seventh in the group.

Blue Protocol, the game recently announced at The Game Awards, was named eighth. The very anticipated Resident Evil 4 remake came in at ninth place followed by the Legend of Zelda, Tears of the Kingdom and the Ark 2 in tenth place. Some gamers can’t look at this outcome, but there are certainly flaws in the methodology that could skew the results. It is useful to provide a detailed report with the data that was collected on December 19, which gives you an edge of the search results for the games already promoted at the Game Awards.

For the Tears of the Kingdom, it is likely that the data on it has been distorted. The name Breath of the Wild 2 was used for the collection of data, but it’s a long time ago that the name Tears of the Kingdom is known and now its safe to say that some fans are looking for information using the official name for the game. However, it still looks at what games the fans expect in 2023 and will be interesting to see which games get along as far as they can get.


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