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The authors of Cyberpunk 2077 claimed that Bethesda stood up for the word “Athensda” in comparison with Starfield

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Then a video emerged of the network, which has been the author of two games: Cyberpunk 2077 and the Starfield fresh. It’s a thing to show in particular how passers-by behave in a dangerous situation, what is the physics of water explosions like. In every aspect of creation the CD Project Red beats Starfield by a head.

The developers of Cyberpunk 2077 participated in the discussion. And level designer Miles Toast noted that most of the features in the video were upgraded or updated before the release, and that was not the most successful.

Patrick K. Mills, a scholar and scholar of cyberpunk 2077 mythology, complained of the change in times. He remembered how many hundred criticisms sparked the game in the year of its release in 2020. And only years later, after the release of a certain number of major updates and patches, the game was able to win hearts and charts.

This false critique really destroys the way the audience interacts with the media. It was very funny to see how many hundred such critiques were made to make fun of Cyberpunk 2077.

Starfield is still not really striking in technical polish. The solution of the problem is to do the same thing, as the head of Bethesda calls the updated computer. In a lot of ways, the creators use the modding community to do the same with Skyrim. It’s hard to say whether these hopes will come true.

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