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The average download speed in the UK reached 69.4 Mbit/s

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The UK’s digital regulator has announced that the average home broadband download speed in the country has now averaged 69.4 Mbit/s as of March 2023. Year-on-year, this represents a 17% increase and will be fueled by people upgrading to higher bandwidth services such as fiber connections full

With faster download speeds, UK internet users can download larger files faster, including content such as games, movies, apps and streaming high-resolution content. Ofcom said the percentage of people getting at least 30 Mbit/s rose to 88% compared to 83% the previous year.

Those with actual download speeds of less than 10 Mbit/s represented 3% of broadband customers, down from 4% the previous year and less than 1% of lines were connected to broadband services that advertised actual download speeds of less than 10 Mbit/s .

Another important metric to look at is the upload throughput as this is the speed at which you can upload or send files to other people or online platforms. Ofcom revealed that there has been a big increase in upload speed, rising to 18.4 Mbit/s in March 2023 – an increase of 7.8 Mbit/s year on year.

One of the biggest issues that Britain faced, especially as part of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s campaign to raise the levels, was the issue of rural broadband and connecting people in hard-to-reach areas. According to Ofcom, the average download speed in urban areas was 70.3 Mbit/s while in rural areas it was 56.0 Mbit/s. That’s a gap of 26%, an improvement over 2022 when the gap was a whopping 58%.

Finally, Ofcom said the network congestion problem has improved slightly over the past year. He said that during the peak hours of 8-10pm, broadband speeds were operating at 95% of their full speed compared to 94% in 2022. This is good news for anyone working a 9-5 who goes online to relax during peak hours. .

source: Ofcom

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