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The Baldurs Gate 3 and Armored Core VI were the most successful games of August on Steam

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The Steam digital store has presented a list of the best possible new products for August 2023. This list shows what the games’s profit was in the first two weeks of release.

In August, several interesting projects were presented at once, so the competition was very high. The game of August was, of course, Baldurs Gate 3, which was developed and published by Larian Studios in Belgium.

The best in the August releases were released on Steam (in no particular order).

Overwatch 2; Gate 3; The sea of a star; The camera of Marvel. Wayfinder; Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew; Saints fight; BlazBlue: Salem 2; No sunsilent land; Book of Hours. The Bomb Rush, a Cyberfunk device. Sengoku was built in the 1800s. Two to the contrary, no punishment. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. There are cases with Atlas. 2 Hammers, throne, fall; Madden football 24, 24 hours.

The best new products of the month are::

Overwatch 2 Cut a row. Marvel Snap VPet “HoloCure save the fans.”

The top two included: “Rucker”.

ICARUS: New Frontiers. Death by Daylight Alien Chapter Pack (December 3, 2015) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare two BlackCell (Season 05) Total War: Warhammer III! Shadows of changes. The American Truck Simulator Oklahoma

Let us remember the peak on Steam of Baldurs Gate 3 on Steam was 814 thousand players. In the top Steam games with the highest Online service in history, Baldurs Gate 3 stopped at 9th place. The game from Larian Studios needed only 4 thousand players to beat Hogwarts Legacy.

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