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The best Moonstone Farming Places are Lies of P Best Moonstones

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In a soulful Lies of P, hidden moonstones are a key to modernizing your normal weapons from +3 to 5. Stones do the same as Crescent Moonstones. However, the scale of those stones can be extended to zero. This Lies of P guide can provide some good farmers with hidden and semi-translational lands, but also a lot of hidden and semi-glore lands.

Workshop Union Culvert

This hidden moonstone farm can help reduce the sheer number of men and women who are living in the area so you can drop single moonstones. This is relatively low effort and requires the use of the environment to make the enemies a waste of money. If nothing else is enough for Ergo, you would have the opportunity to get hidden moonstones from Polendina, after expanding his shop.

Workshop Union Entry, no.

Start at the Sterngazer, and cross the gate for two quickly mannequin kills and their potential drops, including Hidden Moonstones. Return to the Stargazer, turn right and across the corner with the two mannequins in awe and the larger puppet whaling with a corpse. Take action and defeat the human enemy. The other three could drop a hidden Moonstone, an Ergo Fragment, a Legion Magazine or a Sawtoothed Wheel, among others. The job can be done in just one minute. I’m talking or working in the same direction to the Stargazer again.

Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert

From the Stargazer, turn left on the right. Take left into the small gap, then up to the gate. There are enough landslides that make up Crescent Moonstones propite. Head the equivalence and run through the building to become complete. Report the Stargazer in order to repeat this. The entire exercise takes three to four minutes depending on the power of your weapons.

These are three of the best and easiest farming sites for Hidden Moonstones and Crescent Moonstone in P.


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