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The best weapon in Baldurs Gate 3 isn’t a weapon

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It is possible to say that Baldurs Gate 3 is one of the best RPGs of all timeperhaps not because of its originality, as Faerun plays host to adventures since 1987, but for its sheer complexity and the vast amount of options available to players. Given the multitude of ways to handle every situation, players can’t be forgiven for being overlooked, possibly by most of them, the humble Shove action.

Shove sits unobtrusively in your toolbar from the moment you create your character, waiting to be unleashed on the world. A bonus action costs a little but worth a penny. You can do the same things as that described on the tin: target a nearby enemy and enforce them. If the shove fails depend on your athletics. But if you are invisible or otherwise hidden, you will always give up, meaning you could turn Astarionor even a player-created Rogue into a shackling machine.

Okay, you might be wondering, but what would I like me to do? Easy! How does a single-hit kill any enemy in BG3? You can always skip the game, if you want to save or raid the serene settlement of the mountainous forest / the uwe with which you may have secreted.

Normally, Minthara, the leading villain behind the eventual attack, is a brutal fight, mainly because of her ability to heal herself and goblin backup. The shrewd shover didn’t get it. You see, Minthara decided to make the unremarkable leadership decision of setting up her war table, next to a bottomless chasmand, one little shove is enough to let her plummet to fail, never again. For the record, you can romance Minthara, but you lose chance to shove her rightfully.

Many bosses, such as the goblin chief one room over from Minthara, survive a squeaky disaster and, if anything, the failure of a push is a disobedience of the parties and will be more than a standard envoy.

There are, regretably, some caveats: namely, that you can not recover loot from those dispatched in this manner, and that enemies are wise to this strategy as well (though, you can find out the hard way). All right to become the ardent truth is to get a free trial against any enemies. Not much is required to do that for you, so do you really need all the gear?

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