The Beyonder is reported to be the main villain of Avengers: Secret Wars


In July 2022, Kevin Feige announced in the San Diego Comic-Con that Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars will be the two films to finish Phase Six of the MCU. The second film’s title clearly gave away the name of the main antagonist, but the latter’s villain hasn’t yet been for a yet.

According to rumors from other internet sites, The Beyonder will be the biggest antagonist to Secret Wars. One of the smallest surviving cosmic entities is a retaliation of two or more complex multiverses called Beyond. In Marvel Comics the title Secret Wars has been published in two different comic events. The Beyonder appears in the first picture in the Marvel universe and is fascinated by the presence of super-humans on Earth and their potential. He picked heroes and supervillains and teleports them to battleworld, a planet created by a distant galaxy. The Beyonder then trains the two groups towards each other for her entertainment.

RUMOR: Johnathan Majors will play Beyonder, with his role as Kang, to the villain of Avengers: Secret Wars.

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In the original comic book, Doctor Doom refuses to fight the heroes and attacks Beyonder, in fact he becomes a god. While no details on the film’s plot have yet been revealed, we can expect the writers to combine two versions of a story for a single storyline.

The Beyonder is a protagonist of the secret war and a Kang Variante.

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If you can not learn about the comics, this sounds like an extraordinary storyline to conclude Phase 6 and end the Multiverse story, but it feels like a kick on your head. Any question is: what the MCU has to do for us. Avengers: Secret Wars will be released on the beginning of May 2nd 2026.


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