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The call of duty fans nodded in the old Warfare 2 troubles

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The team coaches were nicknamed LewTee by the call of duty, attesting what the players were perceived as a Vanguard for granted.

Some fans of the series even told the unpopular opinion that World War II shooter was the best game of the series in the past few years. Many say that after a lot of changes, Vanguard has become noticeably more playable, and Modern Warfare II is capable of making more sense of improvement, especially since the two-year support in 2023, as you know, the series has no longer remastered again in a few years.

To regain an in-store impression, Vanguard was the worst thing that happened to the franchise – despite the number of bugs that players were exposed to in the multiplayer version of the shooter when releasing the game.

Despite all of the difficulties, Modern Warfare II does not fail, and therefore overtakes its predecessor in sales, a sign of significant improvement. According to an insider Jason Schreierin 2023 the game will receive a kind of premium addition from the developers of Sledgehammer – presumably. We’re talking about DLC with a lot of new content.

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