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The Cards of Pokemon: Gold Tempest Part 14: Radiant Alakazam

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In November 20, 2022, Pokemon TCG released a second-long sword & shield set. The expansion, Shield Silver Tempest, was released on September 9th 2022. This is the tenth set under the Sword andamp; Shield banner and is capable of adapting the Japanese setsSword and Paradigm Trigger. Its Trainer Gallery subset is capable of changing the customary card to VMAX Climax. Sword & Shield Silver Tempestlikewise continues Radiant Pokemon, as well as the Trainer Gallery, with an special subset of Character Rares, Character Super Rares, Full Art Trainers and Black & Gold VMAXes that began in the first set of the year, Sword & Shield Brilliant Stars. As we appreciate the artwork, speak about the place of the card, and how does the expansion take a step to a future trip of this type of adventure? Today we continue to look for an item that has 3 gold cards like the Sword & Shield.

Silver is a taller figure. Credit: Pokemon TCG

Radiant Alakazam is a popular Pokemon that has been released so far. First, Alakazam’s Shiny style is a very strong design. Pink is vibrant and works well with its yellow colour palette. Also, I often don’t like the Radiant cards with a simple color pattern. As for most images, I prefer the Radiant Eevee and Radiant Greninja, which show the full scenes behind the Pokemon. However, in this case, I think that the depiction of Alakazam by the artist Akira Komayama is a solid enough background that it is easy to find a way to tell the most powerful creations of this Pokemon. It’s one of the more simple and easily designed ones that don’t falter for simplicity. Although it’s my favorite of all ages, then Radiant Jirachi is our preferred thing, which we’re going to get to later.

Sword and also cross swords are also present. Next time, the focus of this expansion continues.


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