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The changes to Canadian mobile rate plans this week [oct. 19-25] are outlined here!

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Since there are over 13 Wireless Providers in Canada, it can be difficult to keep track of the latest promotions and bills changed.

To find the right plan, check out our guide on federal plans. Compare 47,842 options and 13 providers in Canada to find the best solution.

It’s worth noting that rate plans are always subject to change and do well, so you can keep the list updated as easily.

The Canadian carrier is changing its rate plan this week.

Easily correct prices:

  • TCL and Sonim Cell Phone deals: 90 % 5G, 90 + 20 SX 35 (to receive 60 + 40 € 45/week) or 80 + 15 euros 30?
  • Google Maps: Google Pixel 8, 8 Pro, 7 and 7,7a.
  • S22 Galaxy, S23 serialities Z Flip5, X Fold 5, 2, 9/10th, 5-10th, A504/5G, M605/6F Pro, 6/7MZ1A-R3K.
  • Unlimited data for the entire family : save 20 dollars per child you add to your household.
  • Motorola Mobile Phone Deals: Galaxy G, Sirius 8-Gylda 5, GS 7/S5, F 5R (2023), SPS, USB, A+ and NX.

New deals:

  • Add family members to your account, and save up $480 in 24 months.
  • Bell is waiving home phone and mobility as soonas as possible from the USA to Israel, Gaza. Our customers should not take action.

Ongoing offers:

  • Get 250MB more data/mo with Unlimited Canada-wide minutes & 100 Canadian Minutes + unlimited texting on our automated monthly top levels.
  • Put your own device with and get 20GB for $40/mo. In QC, have 120 US$535 in the USA; 5G access can be paid 60 per week
  • Go for 10 GB data/mo with unlimited talk and text + 5, unlimited conversation-based texts + 10 from each other, unlimited talking or text + 20 in order to bring another word. Unlimited dialogue of music + 40 over 40 at once on that machine.
  • Get bonus + 2 GB data/mo with Unlimited talk and text, 1 year-old video and unlimited talks by word or SMS. With our Automatic Monthly topsup options you can choose between two phones at once!
  • Save 25 dollars/mo per month for any team member you add to your account.
  • Get bonus Crave Basic with Ads for 24 months in all Unlimited Shareable Plans available from QC, and with Ultimate 150 und155 (Canada’et/in America).
  • Get 20 cents in bill credits over two years, when you switch 3 lines to Bell.
  • Some customers for small business mobility receive a credit of $200. Business Fibe 50, BusinessFire 300 and Internet FiBe three-bit versions are provided to subscribers from all the businesses who have access (with permission) or “business”
  • Invite your friends to switch on Bell, and you have 50 percent credit.
  • Get a credit up to 700 dollars when you trade on the old phone.
  • You get 3 months free Apple Watch.
  • There are several phone-related items on sale.

Browse cell phone plans in Bell.

Noticeably noticeable price changes:

  • Take Motorola Edge at $50. After bill credit plus taxes for 24 months, up to 0% of the debt with Fido Payment Program!
  • Take the all-new Google Pixel 8. At lower prices, get it for $149 on approved credit and pay three-thirds per dollar in 24 months to 0% interest with Fido Payment Program.
  • Samsung Galaxy 21 will not pay you much less.

Remaining affairs:

  • New customers save 15 USD/month in Fido Home. That can save up to $18.
  • Save even more when you go home with your mobile plan. The package costs upwards of 85 dollars/mo for 12 months after the Automatic Payment & Salary discount.
  • Save 60 dollars on the Setup Fee when you activate any device online.
  • Refer a friend to Fido and you both earn $25 in bills over 5 months.
  • Take up to 80% off select Certified Pre-Owned device when you activate with Fipoda Payment Program on select plans.
  • RATIONS, $15,000+-Financial expenses + 55% more for select plans when you are adding on your account.
  • Get 5 hours of unlimited data every month without extra charge. With these plans, you can sign up for two dates.

See Fido cell phone plans.

The price change is noticeably reasonable:

  • The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G at $9 plus the All-Inclusive 25 GB plan of $45 make an outrageous monthly payment.

The New Deal:

  • Fast Sale: 2023, Galaxy S3, ZFold5 and motog play.

Deals are continuing:

  • When you bring your own phone, get a discount of 5 dollars per month.
  • With comprehensive 25GB, 50 and 60 g bonus per year; 15 monthly savings are added after you combine the service with an Internet connection.
  • Data and life! Take advantage of an All-Inclusive Canada 60 GB plan at $75 per month ($60 per year when combined with other plans) or another All Inclusesable Canada $60 promonth ($65/moonifpaired and associated devices);
  • This program can be paid for. Trade in your old device and get up to $500 a year from the new one!
  • Take-back Credit: Save 30 % on your phone. By choosing to return that device immediately, reduce the monthly payments.
  • Save up to 10 dollars per month with the multiproduct discount. Add a mobile plan: an Internet-plan and one Mobile!
  • A bonus of 100 GB per year in the Club’s mobile phone.
  • Compare your internet with a few mobile plans on the same invoice and save up to $100 per month.
  • Club illico comes with all-inclusive plans.
  • You can get 10 GB bonus per year for Canada with the 6 and 15 government plans, alongwith $10 monthly savings from one other company (if you combine your 15-wheel plan to an internet service).
  • Monthly savings on different smart phones.
  • Use the monthly discount of five to fifteen dollars.

Search a new cell phone from videotron.

It may change dramatically.

  • Get 60GB of data at 5G speeds, for only $60/mo plus free Android 12 on the iPad.
  • Get a set of 3G for the Galaxy S21 and 5 GSM as an early ticket in no plus, while you’ll be saved by the total cost with this one.
  • Order online on Google Pixel 7a, Samsung Galaxy S22/Roame 220/20), saves $60 per connection.

New deals:

  • Give the Prime three months for Amazon. Pay $9.99/mo after this.

Staying deals:

  • 60 GB for 55 dollars/mo. Until you buy $10 back, you can get credit for this when the bill is on your own.
  • Purchase the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 or Zoom 5 and get a bonus for your Samsung Galaxy VOB.
  • Make sure you save cash while using our Internet store.
  • So you can spend $25 off your bill for a limited time when talking with your friend about Koodi.

Browse Kooda cell phones.

New products:

  • Consider reinvestment with Rogers 5G mobile plans, now as low and to 45 dollars per month in Quebec or 65,000 dollars for other regions.
  • Get the new Google Pixel 8 Pro for $44 (after bill credit, plus taxes) and upfront Edge at first time in two years.

Indefinite deals:

  • Get five dollars per month off for 24 months on the 5G Infinite plans.
  • Watch the Apple Series 9 with no money on it. You can get your smartwatch plan for a cost of $160/mo and 24 months when you use either.
  • Walk in your iPhone 13 Pro and upgrade to the iPhone 15 with financing for at least $17/mo, on 24 months of rent – as well as Upfront Edge when you return your device within two years.
  • Take the 10-GB bonus in advance of a 5G Mobile 50-gb plan (excluding your credit rating).
  • Student plans start with 45 dollars per month in Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan or 55 bucks/months for other regions.
  • Get a new phone with an application’s Visa MasterCard, and enjoy some more competitive monthly payments. For example the cash in your account will rise by up to 50 cent for free without having paid one interest! With a payment plan of 48 months. (no QC)
  • Save 20 dollars a month for each family member you add. The additional line Rogers Infinite plans start at 45/mo for 50GB in QC and 65,120G (Infinites) with other regions.
  • Exclusive offers for newcomers: I have 1000 World Distance Minutes to choose countries, so it is available on eligible plans. New activations are available.
  • Take your own device and save 10 dollars per hour with 5G Mobile. A new activation is available.
  • Take some money with a major 5G home internet plan and your fiveg mobile. Save up to 60 dollars per month in Quebec, or 50 percent more annually.
  • Rogers plans are free to parents starting at $25/month.
  • Rogers plans for adults more than 55 years from only 25 dollars per month.
  • Rogers plans on newcomers beginning at 45 dollars per month in Quebec or 65 percent of the total value of other regions.
  • With a free Infinite 5G Plan, you can enjoy your trip this summer without additional roaming fees in the United States and Mexico.
  • Save 60 dollars in setup service with money – you’ll be charged free when buying online.
  • Save $5/month with Automatic Payments on eligible plans.
  • Enjoy 5 days of walking like home on a free flight with tisote mastercard.
  • Learn the way you are doing that while in your phone, tablet or smartwatch.
  • Do you have a tablet or smartwatch with an eligible Rogers Infinite plan?
  • Refer your friends and save up to $300 per year.

Explore Rogers cell phone plans.

We can see a significant price change:

  • Save up to $1,301 on the iPhone 14 Pro Max with Bring-It and Trade In. Over $40 billion in Handicraft credits! Plus, get the iPhone 14 or more upgrade memory.
  • Save up to $1,102 on the Galaxy S23 Ultra.
  • Take an easy payback of up to 40 dollars over 24 months when you trade the Pixel 6 Pro and get that digital model with take-away on TELUS.

What are new deals?

  • Save up to 40 pounds over the past 24 months with your Pixel 6 Pro and get a Pixel 8 using Easy Payment.
  • Bonus 4GB for the first 18 months available. New activations on Talk, Text & Data 90 and 150 will be available in 15 month time-saving sessions (Suppression of Quebec)
  • Quebec exclusive offer: Bonus 8GB per month plus, bonus 1g with auto payment options by the ID QCBONUS8. New activations on Nationalwide Talk, Text & Data 45 and 55 prepaid plans.
  • Get free: Bonus 5GB per month plus, receive bonus 1 – 150% on auto payment options. Now available on new activations, including Nationwide Talk, Text and Data 35 prepaid plans.
  • Bring your own instrument and get five monthly bills for two years on any 5G+ plan in QC, or at least 10 per month with each other’s credit.
  • Get your new Samsung Galaxy S23 and save up to 1295 dollars.
  • New activations of Nationwide Talk, Text & Data 90 and 150 travel-prepaid plan include the Long Distance Saver extra for $0. And, bonus 1GB as well for a car. AUTO1GB coupon
  • Take your savings and get 120GB of data for $85 per month in most regions, to buy 50 grams from $500 worth by means Of QC.

Regular deal:

  • Take your Apple’s iPhone 15 and save up to 60 % over 24 months when you trade with the Sony’S. Let’s pay with your Bring-It/Back payment.
  • Save up to 50 dollars with the iPad 14.
  • Get the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 or Axi, with a two-year Flexible Payment Period. Once activated by your new line then you get bonus to watch Apple’s Galaxy Bud (Bug).
  • Access unlimited access to 65GB of data for $55 per month. You will only get new alerts when you bring your own device. (only in the United States)
  • Compare the latest equipment for $0 upfront on TELUS Easy Payment.
  • Take on the iPhone now and save up to ten thousand dollars when you trade in an eligible device.
  • Get 70% off the best entertainment by adding Stream+. Add Stream+ to any new or existing Mobility plan for only $10 per month over 3 months.
  • One of the main offers for TELUS exclusive partners is to get 40GB data from CAN and United States, then worth 555 dollars per month in Quebec. 50-Gast data with 55 percent at Ontario or 60 USD an other region on easy payment agreement that includes 24-month settlement agreements under Easy Payment Agreement!
  • To get a minimum of 250 dollars, you can use promo code AUTO250 to collect the bonus credits. On new activation on Nationalwide Talk& Text 25 and then pay with this advance credit card for 20 years or less!
  • When you buy your own Apple Watch, get three months of fitness for free.
  • Share your phones for 10 dollars a month in unlimited data with your smartwatch or tablet.
  • Refer your friend to TELUS and get a 50-dollar credit.
  • Enjoy your ICITOU.TVEXTRA subscription, as well that you are included in the TELUS plans (QC).
  • Bundle your services and get a maximum of 40 off each month (QC) for delivery.
  • Save big on the flashiest phones with BringItBack.

See the Telus cell phone plan.

The new product comes with value.

  • Start savings on a 5G 60GB-CANS plan for only $50/month when you enroll in the 90 days of that, and also retire your tax. The offer expires on the 23.
  • Save on a 50-G Unlimited Plan for only $40 per month when you subscribe to an 90 day plan. Offer ends Oct 23rd.

Extending affairs:

  • I subscribe to the 20GB Unlimited Canada plan for 39 dollars per month.
  • Pay a few hundred dollars for an SIM. All new activations are welcome.
  • Earn Public Points every month and use them to pay monthly, add-on fees or more.

Try public mobile phone plans.

Ongoing deals:

  • 10GB of bonus data for your plans (40+ as you take the second anniversary date). (only Québec)
  • 250 MB bonus with Autopay on Talk& Text, $15/mo plan and 500 CD bonus. $25/km3 3G and $30 per head 4 G Data, Talk-and amp text plans (Excluding Quebec)

Browse the telephone calls of Chatr.

New deals are needed.

  • Get 2GB of Bonus data on Payroll Option (QC).
  • Get twenty GB for $34 per month. When you bring your phone, do not worry.
  • Start your Canadian trip with a special offer for new Canaries. Get 30 GB for 45 euros.
  • For less, you can get unlimited 5G data in the world. I’ll put my mouth on. Starting at $53/mo per month.
  • Get a mobile and home internet plan for $15 per month. After an average credit of $15/mo. per month for 12 months, the other year we do this right away – with a credit payment worth 6 hours in advance and then another three months into the month to be paid off by two weeks from date after time spent on board his bank account! Price: $200.
  • Save your funds with unlimited, Canadian-wide 32 o’clock 34 477 $ and save money on auto payment options.

Things are going on.

  • Get the Samsung Galaxy A545G with an affordable plan of 0 up, so far as 200 cents. With Sweet Pay, you can get two year plan.
  • Get the new iPhone 15 with a call plan starting at $430/mo. Pay Up will be offered on completing your 2 year plans, depending upon your preferences and preferences!
  • Try to shop online and pay a fee of 60 dollars for that connection.
  • We have a great deal of mobiles and home internet. Now start at $57/mo when you bring your own phone (QC).
  • Crave can be used in conjunction with the TV for only $20/mo. Bring your clothes in today and get two months.
  • Get 250 MB bonuses on automatic payments for unlimited Canada-wide $25 plan (ON, QQS) and Unlimited province/wide $22 or 29 plans (30 dollars).
  • Add TV to the unlimited Internet from $25/mo in QC and $35 per month on your own.
  • Hot phones starting from 0 bucks down, 50%-APR.
  • Refer a friend to get one-third of the bill credits when they attend Virgin Plus.
  • Take a Chromecast from Google when you connect with TV on the six month term.
  • Get up to $700 off a hot new device when you trade in your old one.

Find the Virgin Plus cell phone plans now.

Price changes visible:

  • Purchase a smartphone for an iPhone 15 and the phone will cost $1.0, or $10,5 at $7,65.
  • Bring your old device to the hospital. Save up an incredible amount of money on your next telephone purchase!

There are new deals.

  • Freedom is resuscending long-distance and SMS charges to customers in Israel, West Bank or Gaza Strip from the 7th Oct. 21 2023 onwardly for its guests with no plus of an offer: USD 605,500. Other services in the sandbag.

Continuous operation:

  • Bring your family to Freedom and get 5G plans starting at 3:40 GB for 35/mo.
  • Add an additional line to your account, with unlimited talk andamp; text starting at just $39.
  • Get the new value-packed plan with 50GB of data that you can use in Canada and. State for $45/mo when driving your own telephone, or buy an upgrade ticket from our friends! Price includes a credit of $5/mo.
  • Get 20GB of data you can use in Canada for just $34. Price includes a credit for 24 months with 5 dollars/mo.
  • Take 1,000 long-distance minutes on average for 24 months at 14 destinations when you activate a new line or change your phone in return of 29 euros/mo. plans, after Digital Discount’s discounted pricing with two thousand days time before joining the store and moving his own business.
  • Switch to Freedom and receive a free plan for unlimited plans at the national level with 50GB of 5G data on $45/mo. Select two majors.
  • Try and report to your friends, so you will get a credit of $25 for each referral. Save up to $250 a year.

Explore the Freedom Mobile plan for mobile phones.

Prices were not noticeable.

  • InfiNET 150 at 9.95/mo for 24 months with an online contract while bundled up, which includes wireless payments.

Permanent deals:

  • If you buy the new iPhone and Apple Watch, save up to 100 dollars. Only in-store.
  • You can buy free noSTRINGS prepaid and save $10 for six months.
  • Buy infiNET 150 and TV for as little than one dollar/mo. You can get an internet contract with a two-year network when you bundle wirelessly? Moreover, give free Wi-Fi in the first 12 months.
  • infiNET 1 Gig $99.95. for 24 months with an Internet contract on two years, when it comes to wireless service bundles and devices called infidenet (IP) one gig which costs 99.95mo/year.
  • Upgrade to the second fastest plan at no extra cost for 1 month.
  • If you trade in your old device, pay up to $600 for a new wireless gadget and accessories.
  • Sign up for the SaskTel Internet plan and save 50% off your spending on three months. Get Optimum Home Wi-Fi only 5 times per month!
  • Use a 12-year Internet-only plan to save 10 dollars/mo off the regular price.
  • Call your local residents for an unlimited time with the annual Long Distance Plan, available at a low monthly price.
  • Our top 10 calling features and called displays are just $10. Add Voice Mail for only $2/mo.
  • When you buy a Apple Watch, get 3 months of exercise.

Check out the phone plans in SaskTel for a fraction.

Changes in price notable:

  • You will get the product to buy with S22, S21 and 3S21.
  • When you trade in an iPhone 15, it can cost more than 25 dollars.

New deals:

  • Bring your phone and save for a new plan. Get 10-$/mo off for 24 months with unlimited data and rollover sanding plans when you do so.
  • For a limited time only, go on with Crache for two months! Get him in a bundle today.

Attributions are permanent.

  • Buy mobile online and get a welcome credit of $60, then pay for shipping.
  • One more piece of new Canada-US rollover data plan is here 20 GB, to use in the USA or Canada for $65/mo.
  • Take Oneself to Eastlink Mobile and you both get a $25 bill credit. You can take five friends by name!
  • For a limited time save up to 456 dollars on the latest phones.
  • Add Mobile to Eastlink, and save up-to-20 dollars a month.
  • Please call Eastlink Mobile’s friend and you get a 25-ply credit. (Broadband or unlimited data plans).
  • Keep your phone and run a data plan.
  • Get the phone you want for less than $200! EasyTab is easy to pick your pocket.
  • Get up to $200 when you switch from Eastlink.

Check Eastlink’s cellular phone plans.

Permanent deals:

  • Get ten-accounted for 339$/month (Cancellulele and texts are unlimited, voicemails are available throughout Canada).
  • To help make things more accessible, you can use your mobile and internet plans! Mix up at five dollars/month.
  • Follow your first plan on the referral code of a friend’s. You get an additional $25 bonus and one more than one call is given for their referral!
  • One voicemail for OS and Android phones on a cost of only 2 dollars per month.
  • Enjoy a lifetime warranty on new and old phones, while one hundred dollars guarantee for beloved or damaged devices.
  • Any mobile data still missing is going to be shared in the next month.

Browse the Fizz cell phone plans.

New deals:

  • Disney+ auto-renews at $11,99/mo per minute, subject to change.

Deals continue:

  • Bill credits include $100 with Fibre + Internet and $50 for internet & streaming (QC, BAB/Co.).
  • Sign up for Disney+ and get free to 12 months.
  • Bill credit : $100 for Fibre + Internet and TV; 50, for internet streaming in (ON’S-Taylor/Most)
  • Order your plan online and save fifty dollars.
  • If you are not sure of a better-level TV plan than Total Television, check out this limited television set.

Visit Shaw’s cell phones.

New deals:

  • $10 OFF any other meal with cash for the purchase of 100 bucks.

Search through these phone plans.

Ongoing deals:

  • Add 5% of the value, when you sign up for your own Auto-Allowance or Allowance with your PC Financial Mastercard?
  • After two months of service, 20,000 PC-Optimum points remain in full supply.

Browse cell phones.

Continuity work:

  • Get 250MB of bonus data after earning six monthly payments. Plus, earn an additional 750MB of bonus data for at least $25 USD. Plan on making 12 monthly payments.
  • Join Lucky Mobile and Refer-AFriend to earn 50 dollars.
  • Get a cheap phone plan for $15 per pair.

There is a variety of phone plans in the area.

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