The character transfer feature in Tower of Fantasy worked for many servers


The developers of Tower of Fantasy have launched the first game of character transfer in the global version. At that moment, transfers can be made to certain servers. From January 10, 2023, such an opportunity will open up for the rest that meet the requirements.

The list of server packages for the first round is so detailed that it is possible to transfer the server to the next round.

North America Liberal,Nirvana,Sol-III, The Glades South America Orion, Tiamat, Hope, PhoenixEurope Anddoes, Futuria, Lycoris, The LuminaAsian-Pacific area Shinya, Uranus, Sweetie, Atlantis Southeast Asia Osillron, Saeri, Oryza Mistilteinn, Osillron, Saeri, Ivyz, Poftada

The transfer requirements are the following. You can only transfer the character to a newer server within the same region. The level must be above 40. You also need to leave the guild, clear the mail, collect the entire Phantasm rewards and be able to get on the map. You can use this function once every 27 days.

The transfer fee is 500 euros, but every user registered before January 10, 2023 will get one ticket free.


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