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The console you buy is for PlayStation 5

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PlayStation 5 has now been available for almost three years, and its stocks are also stable. Even rumors are swirling about the arrival of a XL for the end of 2023. In this article, you will find all the current deals for the Sony PS5.

When the PlayStation 5 is launched in 2020, it is still an extremely coveted console. The price of the Sony PS5 has already risen 549 euros (for the PlayStation 5 and 449 euros for the Digital Edition), but it can be seen on a promo point now because there’s a high prevalence of the slim-looking console.

Where to buy the PS5 today?

The PlayStation 5 Standard Edition is available now for 499 euros via Carrefour. At Cdiscount is the same price, but 50 euros more is available to CDAV members.

Where is the Pixar 5 in stock?

The classic console 5 is now sold for 549 euros and the Digital Edition (449 euros) is sold for the same price as the digital edition (without Blu-ray player). The list of merchants who sell the PS5 is shown in the table below.

Where can I buy? Sony PlayStation 5 at the best price? Where can you find or buy? Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition at the best price?

PS5: a truly next-generation console.

Sonys new console is very unique, with interchangeable shells and a brand new controller. You know the dualshock, so now is it time for the dualshock. That controller is better suited to the hand shape, keeps the analog stick paralleled, and aims to improve the performance of the game. These upgrades help to improve games by stimulating its ability. Autonomy no The port is weak, but the controller’s charging very fast thanks to the USB-C port.

On the technical sheet, a power of 102 TeraFLOPs are accumulated by AMDs RDNA 2 architecture, with the possibility of running games up to 8K according to the text displayed in the console. In no other sense, the games are running in 4K at 30 or 60 FPS, or even 120 depending on the titles and the television. The PS5 has been updated to improve the visual quality and allowed VRR a few times.

The new console went up to the interface, completely different than the PS4. We see a new minimalist design, new community features and, besides, the integration of the PlayStation Store. The PS+ is very special since the subscriptions are now evolving from one kind of Game Pass on different levels (Essential/Extra/Premium). You can enjoy the entire library of games, from the PS1 to the PS5, as well as playing in video, depending on the titles.

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