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The craziest advertising in video games history is video

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Advertising is vital for the advancement of any business, and an industry like the video game is extremely valiant in this sense. The press is often being bombarded with advertising to promote and promote the big releases – action that have been added to flooded shelves of trailers and rumors with the intention of keeping the hype alive.

I’ve seen the rise in advertising at a moment. As a result, you have some ads that are truly crazy and difficult to understand, which are certain to be eye-catching and others to be produced by creative directors under the influence of prohibited substances.

This is the subject of much laugh. Now lets explore the dark corners of advertising while thinking about the most bizarre ads of video games history.

The console used to be used in space.

The Japanese market will continue with the very important presence of this article. Culture differences are reason why many promotions we see born in this country are so striking, even if there aren’t any causes for what you can. And if not, someone try to explain how this advertisement was meant by me, and a peculiar person, with his mushroom hairstyle and glasses, precursors of hipster movement, is trying to convince us of the benefits of the Sega console while singing and floating in space. This is a foreigner.

Berzerk, a fun grandmother.

If you were thinking that Nintendo was an innovative, new-born video game makers, thanks to the Wii, you were pretty wrong. In the early 80s this advertisement Berzerk for Atari 2600 showed a slick picture of your grandmother, a controller and a sleeve. Pay attention to the gentleman who’s ready to leave sewing to get close to the arcade, where her grandson’s eyes are open. She’ll be her first time.

PlayStation: traumas for everybody.

If there are advertisements that can traumatize the whole generation of gamers, the ultimate mental wealth, directed by Chris Cunningham, is definitely the way to promote PlayStation. The face of the actress Fiona Maclaine, a computer-to-computer approach to give it that impossible appearance, was in our retinas etched in the 1990s while the campaign launched in January of 1990, and now it’s impossible to say what the message was hidden behind it.

Super Smash Bros: who said Nintendo is childish?

Nintendo’s world was on its peak, with Mario, Pikachu, Yoshi and Donkey Kong running happy through the field, and jumping among the sunflowers, until Super Smash Bros. and everything went wrong between them. To represent the cake festival the high title offered, there is nothing better than having 4 actors in costumes smack n’en just because.

Segata Saturn: No one can refuse Segata Sanshiro.

If there’s something that pisses off Segata Sanshiro in the world, it is that people don’t play with their Sega Saturn. That’s why he decided to travel around the world to beat everyone who didn’t have one. Because that’s what Segata is, a guy with moral convictions. I wanted to put together the only ad from this mythical campaign starring Hiroshi Fujioka – but they’re all too good, so I leave you a compilation so you can enjoy him hitting tollinas left and right. Go go see your car.

The Legend of Zelda – A link to past: bailed, cursed, and cursed.

The Legend of Zelda was published in 1991, and Nintendo decided to help him promote it in Japan. Unfortunately, they seemed to be unavailable for now, and instead someone thought it would be better if we recorded this crazy clip on a clip.

It’s a girl. She apparently defeats her enemies by dancing to an ersatz hip-hop song. Zelda is locked in a cage and yet she behaves like a go-go dancer in a nightclub.

I don’t care who said anything. The song is perfect, yeah. I would like it playing at a regular time.

The Legend of Zelda is: let the rhythm stay away from the clock.

But if Japanese music like A Link to the Past threw you out, we still had more and better. We’ll take a look back to time for the first time in a while to see the atrocities perpetrated to promote the first Zelda tale on western territory. As far as that boy, we see that, being a videogamer and even even a new issue is possible. The madness begins when the blonde decides to show his latest purchase to her friend and as well decides to rap, while they play. Occasionally, in a moment it shows how his colleague walks away without noticing anything like that, without leaving control.

Xbox: lets live his two days.

If Microsoft wanted to make people talk with this announcement prepared for its premiere in the world of consoles, it has none doubt that it succeeded. The controversy gave us an apology. But true, the question has caused a tense smear. He is so strong that he becomes involved in the ill-conceived process. What kind of falseness is behind it? You fool, life is two days, so run and buy an Xbox before you die. Did I understand it correctly?

No one is injured, Mr. Mario. He has been injured there.

Dr. Mario It was an outstanding puzzle game that successfully combined the pull of Nintendos mascot with great mechanics that could give you a fun, addictive experience. The advertisers could’ve talked about this in their ads, but that would’ve been the easy part. Instead, they preferred to put off the unnaturalness of the resuscitation to toxic drugs. In a tale of horror, a kid with a shackled head is facing the most ineffabled stereotypes about African tribes in a duel to preserve his sanity. That’s something like that.

Commodore VIC-20: William Shatner knows what he’s talking about.

Scientifically proven: The result is that everything that includes William Shatner automates its maintenance. He’s the only one who is present in this ad for the Commodore in the 80s. This is a great example: he glances at the screen and shows his gallant bearing, he leans on the monitor and pretends he plays with a fearful gesture. I’ve been convinced.

Kirbys Dream Land: children in Orbit: The Children.

The idea that this advertisement tried to tell us a truth about the idea behind the Kirby’s Dream Land is that if you dare to draw this charming character while humming some kind of spell, it would appear that he occupied a space and let you go, you’d sat a star until the end of your days. I can imagine that, because of that, millions of Japanese could be mad at their usual establishment looking for one or more copies of the game.

What a weird feeling I think is this: an ad like this would have had serious problems getting the approval of regulatory bodies now, but things are fairly different in the 80s. Sexism? And what’s she saying so mad? A few scantily clad women showing off flesh on the beach and probably sold a few consoles, thats what it all means. This is why Atari 5200 It can work with its connected foot to the arena. It just escapes me because when I tried to do the same thing in LA Manga with my console, the only thing I managed to do was wash up the cable.

Nintendo 64: I’m my mother?

I don’t know how often I see a person advertise, but I don’t know whether the sales will sell. Nintendo 64 or make an allegation of transvestism. Finding a relationship between him and videogames is impossible, I can tell you. Special mention for the final scene, when the situation of this very special house was finished.

The NES: You won’t have to defeat us.

Weve seen a few funny advertisements for the Japanese, European and American markets but paying close attention to how the Australians do about promoting the NES. Instead of blaming the joy and happiness that made of this console, Nintendo preferred to be threatening and intimidating in this advertisement that seemed more like a horror movie where machines were able to rebel against humanity.

PlayStation 3: Fear is selling.

While even more terrifying than the case of NES in Australia, the advertisement for PlayStation 3 conceived by a slightly sick mind, has a recollection of the condition of a faulty mind. Sony has many crazy promotions in its history (we’ve already seen the case of Mental Wealth before) but I don’t think this one is worth a chubby mistake. This advertisement can dissuade potential buyers by the terrifying fear it generates for the advertised product.

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