The creator of Vampire Survivors has no idea why the game is so popular


Vampire Survivors creator Luca Galante says he doesn’t know why the Steam indie game became very popular. According to him, it was incredible that he was nominated for The Game Awards after the release of the first DLC Vampire Survivors Legacy of the Moonspell.

Since Galante started to develop in 2020, the full version of Vampire Survivors was released in October 2022. It has received over 165,000 reviews on Steam, earning the coveted status – with an absolutely positive award and a nomination for the award for Best Indian Debut Game. Asked why Vampire Survivors became so popular, Galante says that he has no idea and the success of the game seems very scary.

Since launching, I didn’t try to look at numbers or what’s going on in order to give me a bit too much effort. I kept my head on, continuing my quest for the game and company, focusing almost entirely on player feedback in Discord and Steam forums. The only thing that I have sure made a difference is the company that operates from afar from our community managers who have done a huge job and continue to keep in touch with players.

Galante says, too, it was amazing to be nominated for The Game Awards. And he talks about the issue of the Vampire-Survivors video game. I really like to use DLCs to enrich my favorite games, but very often these days I’m afraid that they’re created for monetization to serve the players better.

As long as I don’t like DLC, I have an aggressive attitude towards it. If you don’t make anything for the first time, you shouldn’t just use the internet to create a personal story. I hope we were able to deal fairly with the players and they won’t like it.

With the name, launch, and first DLC pack, Vampire Survivors still doesn’t have a single real vampire among the enemies and monsters you squeeze against in roguelike levels. There’s no real bloodsucker anymore. The vampires may appear in the Vampire Survivors. Galante is still not able to confirm if vampires will appear in the Vampire Survivors.

Our marketing team said we couldn’t answer that question. My lawyers are correct at the same time. What is a vampire out of a thousand?

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