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The creators of Baldurs Gate 3 don’t rule out separate stories for new characters and events

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The Belgian development team at Larian Studios celebrated the wildly successful release of Baldurs Gate 3 this year. This turn-based RPG captivated millions of users and surprised many gamers with its wide scale. According to official statistics, not everyone is in the final. That’s pretty interesting, but players are not able to take some risks in expanding the game, by adding additional tools. In an interview recently, the creator of a game and Larian Sven Vincke revealed that the team is not planning to release full story DLC for Baldurs Gate 3.

According to the director of Larian Studios, it’s too early to discuss an add-on for Baldurs Gate 3. The developers must fulfill the promises given to the players to a better optimize the game and to deliver the final message of the project. In addition, we need to finish porting the RPG to the Xbox DS1100. The team of authors can then deal with DLC, says Sven Winke.

In a conversation with reporters, Sven Vincke suggested that, if the studio was to put the add-on on, it wouldn’t be a direct continuation of the main plot of Baldurs Gate 3. The developers like the idea of expanding the games’ knowledge, so DLCs can dedicate their first story with other characters and events, and it’ll be the protagonist of the game.

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