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The Crucial P3 Plus 2TB Internal SSD is at its lowest price ever on Amazon

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While there are reports that solid state drive prices may start to rise again sometime later this year, prices are currently still falling, especially for internal Gen4 SDD drives, as the new Gen5 drives slowly start to hit the market.

However, Gen4 SSDs are still fast enough for any PC owner looking to upgrade their onboard storage. Currently, the 2TB model of the Crucial P3 Plus Gen4 internal SSD is at an all-time low on Amazon. You can snap it up for just $78.55. That’s a whopping $111.44 off the regular price tag of $189.99.

The Crucial P3 Plus PCIe Gen4 SSD has the M.2 (2280) form factor and offers fast read speeds of 5,000 MB/s along with write speeds of up to 4,200 MB/s.

P3 Plus is essential

Crucial is owned by Micron, which means the P3 Plus uses the company’s Micron Advanced 3D NAND for its storage. When you get this SSD you can also access its free software, including Acronis True Image for software cloning and Storage Executive for managing the SSD’s firmware. Finally, the 2TB Crucial P3 Plus comes with a five-year limited warranty.

While they’re not at all-time lows right now, the Crucial P3 Plus is also in 500MB model for $29.99. It is also available in a 1TB version for $44.99and in the 4TB model The price is currently $205.30 on Amazon.

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