The Daily Grind: What’s the biggest MMO thing you want to remember from 2022?


Every year, I pass the same cycle when I forget eggnog doesn’t sit well with me anymore. I buy eggnog because I like eggnog. And then, I get an egg nog. I have been vomiting at the very same time, so I think that I have made a gigantic mistake, because the eggnog cheated with me very well.

This might not seem like something to do with MMOs, but it definitely is. Some of us get together with games as well. We go back to games that we can’t really enjoy the year after year and remember that we don’t like them and shouldn’t keep re-install them. We’re in awe of the wrong games. If we forget that a game is really good, we’ll let it fall off our radar. We’ll be tempted to start making the ball in and let it run. You’re ready for that idea.

We have only four days left in 2022, and now let’s get back to the story. Whats the biggest MMO you want to remember about 2022, whether it be from news or personal experiences? Are you bad at business? A game you really like or you don’t like? Do you make it up to some faults always? What do you expect to forget in 2023?

Every morning the devoted writers work together with the mascot Mo to ask the MMORPG players to elaborate on the online roleplaying game. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and give it a try answering the question in today’s Daily Grind.


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