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The Daily Grind: When did the MMO surprise you with its success?

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I was right there all the time, from the initial phase, the change in management, the relaunch, but I didn’t even anticipate Final Fantasy XIV coming. I thought I would love her because I discovered things to love even in the first version, but I had already become more famous than that guy who was talking sometimes about the FFXIV. I certainly didn’t expect the change that happened, and I was kind of constantly in the mood for FFXIV, who is now in the big five and makes big waves in all the things it does. Happy, but I didn’t expect it.

I’m sure that a few people didn’t believe that that it was coming, but it was not surprised. Maybe he’s one of them. Maybe you were surprised to see the black desert take off. And maybe you were surprised by the fact that Elyon didn’t connect with the public. Despite all the surprises, none are good. It may be this year too soon! When did an MMO surprise you with a positive or negative success?

Every morning the recollection of the massively overpowered writers will ask MMORPG players if they are referring to the multiplayer roleplaying genre. Grab your preferred beverage and get a stab at answering the question in today’s Daily Grind!


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