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The Daily Grind: Which MMO’s lost their magic, but now they can regain it?

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In spite of that probably nobody in the Massively OP reading audience, I used to play Retail World of Warcraft. You know, I used to play it sometimes in the end. And it was for a very long time that game for me was really magical. It was addictive with satisfying gameplay loops, fun goals, and a sense of a bright future.

But a few attempts to get back into the game have revealed that the sad truth is in me that the magic was gone. It’s functionally robust, with lots of games to do. I do not have a lot of strong criticism of it corporate stooges aside, but what used to make me crave the next gaming session is completely gone. I can play, I can refuse, so that seems pretty good to me. And so a era passed for me (to be excluded from WoW Classic anyway).

I hope I can recapture that magic for WoW and other old favorites that gradually lost their luster. Are there titles that you look at to do that, and wish it could be as it once was?

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